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De-converts United for Prayer in Every School (DUPES)

Back in my early Christian days, I was in the crowd that wanted prayer, religious instruction, bible studies etc. back in school. Then I met and married a girl from Denmark. I learned that they had prayer, religious assembly, etc. in their schools and that Denmark had one of the lowest percentages of believers on earth.

Later I worked with some blokes from England and got the same story. I also heard the same story from a Swedish friend.

The more I learned, the more I saw that religion sponsored, taught, and promoted by state/school was the most consistent correlation I could find with an areligious society.

I’m convinced that the main reason we still have such strong religion among the U.S. populace is the state’s hostility to religion. We CANNOT pray in schools. We CANNOT teach anything from the Bible in schools. We can hardly even display the 10 Commandments in public. All of these restrictions give massive amounts of fuel to those who are religious to scream “persecution” and this gives them life and energy.

So, I cry loud “amens” whenever I hear religious folks screaming for prayer in school. In fact, I would give anything for the various Christian groups here in the U.S. to finally succeed in getting religion back in the schools.

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