Reversing the damage caused by the Religious Right

April 13, 2007 at 9:30 pm 1 comment

Today I read a column by Paul Krugman of the New York Times entitled, “For God’s Sake,” in which the writer points out all of the many ways the Religious Right (RR) has infiltrated almost every part of the American government – thanks in large part to the fact that Bush is so indebted to many of these extremists.cross.jpg

Krugman said, “The infiltration of the federal government by large numbers of people seeking to impose a religious agenda — which is very different from simply being people of faith — is one of the most important stories of the last six years. It’s also a story that tends to go underreported, perhaps because journalists are afraid of sounding like conspiracy theorists.”

It’s scary to think these extremists are controlling the strings of our politicians – all the way to the top within Congress and the White House. So many Americans are naïve enough to think their politicians are looking out for the good of the people, when in reality our elected officials are too often obliged to men like Pat Buchanan and Jerry Fallwell who have their own selfish agenda.

I believe the ultimate goal of these extremists is to force the rest of America to submit to their religious dogma about life, women and morality. They expect us to believe like they do and act like they do and if we refuse, they will try to find another way to make us do their bidding – like make it a law to comply. They are not below using politicians and judges as tools to further their own agenda.

Krugman also said, “One measure of just how many Bushies were appointed to promote a religious agenda is how often a Christian right connection surfaces when we learn about a Bush administration scandal.” After pointing out a number of scandalous activities committed by RR appointees and the fact that their affiliation with the hardline Christian right is seldom report, Krugman said, “And there’s another thing most reporting fails to convey: the sheer extremism of these people.”

These are no ordinary conservatives; they are radicals with a mission. It is more important than ever to push the RR and their ultra conservative agenda as far away from our politicians and our courts as possible. In doing so, Americans retain control of our country, preserve our constitutional rights and maintain the freedom to choose our own religious path, if we want to choose one at all.

Krugman’s column then points out that it is all falling apart now for the RR. He said, “The Bush administration’s implosion clearly represents a setback for the Christian right’s strategy of infiltration. But it would be wildly premature to declare the danger over. This is a movement that has shown great resilience over the years. It will surely find new champions.”

The columnist then lets the reader know that Rudy Giuliani will be speaking at Regent’s Executive Leadership Series next week. Regent University was founded by the one of the most dangerous RR leaders, Pat Robertson.


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  • 1. agitpropist  |  April 13, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    What frightens me about the close ties between Bush and the Religious Right is that a connection is once again being established between Christianity and destruction. I don’t believe Jesus would like Bush very much but politics makes for strange bedfellows.

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